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Legal Document Translation Services

Legal translation service requires translators who are suitably qualified to translate legal documents. At our Legal Translation Service division, the translators are selected for legal documents on the basis of their understanding of legal implication of each phrase and experience in the legal translation. Here are some of the examples of documents that we have translated and come under our Legal translation service:

  • Case History Translation
  • Charge Sheets Translation
  • Verdicts of court Translation
  • Legal documents Translation
  • Legal Contracts Translation
  • General business litigation Translation
  • Licensing agreements Translation
  • Patent applications and litigation translation
  • Trademark Registrations translation
  • Tax filing documents translation
  • Patent Translation
  • Providing trial interpreters

LangJobs provides professional translation service to Law firms. We offer legal translation services in all major languages. At our legal translation service division we understand the importance of accurate legal documentation and provide timely translation services with superior quality. Our translators doing legal translations are expert in legal terminology and also have an understanding of the common law and civil legal systems. Our native translators working on your legal translations understand the local culture and have knowledge of their country's legal system.

We adopt a Translation methodology to translate all the documents which makes us enable to provide a process driven and quality service : -

Translation Methodology

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